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A product line that combines hotel services with marketing tools

An integrated solution which accumulates Hospitality Industry know-hows

By arranging and coordinating unique guest room styles, various banquet facilities and numerous restaurants, the diversified and segmented hotel industry has to create leisure time in accordance with customer needs.

Therefore, we always consider these objectives and give top priority to the customer satisfaction when designing and producing IT solutions.

Our software package is developed in a way to solve all your serviceability, marketing, operational and sustainability challenges

As your strategic partner TAP will actively participate not only in IT systems design and customization processes, but also in the hotel planning phase as well.

Our main products

Our main products

Sales Systems

Front Office System Reservation, cancellation, availability settings, check-in, check-out, additional arrangements, convenient remarks and reminders features, comprehensive billing management, sales forecast analysis, housekeeping indicators, notice board function.
Auxiliary Facilities Management
Option for Front Office System
Auxiliary facilities and activities reservation management, dining venue and meals reservation management, scheduled guest’s folio charges registration.
Customer Relationship Management System Individual/corporate customer information records and exchange through all systems, facilities usage and revenue by customer, multiple conditions data extraction, external CRM compatibility.
Property Performance Management System Daily/monthly revenue and settlements management, various types of marketing analysis.
Banquet Management System Venue management, inquiry, reservation, quotation handling, procurement control, banquet accounting and revenue management.
POS System (Restaurants/Shops/Spa) Sales registration, bill adjustment processing, room number/customer lookup feature, various reports extraction, retail store support.
Restaurant Reservation System Reservation management, table assign and layout control, customer information reference, interface with Front Office System.
Restaurant Order Entry System (OES) Order registration/cancellation/change, order slips output from kitchen printer, supporting sets/choice/sub menus, interface with POS system.
Retail Store Inventory
 Management System
Purchasing/shipping requests and delivery registration, goods on hand management, inventory count register, importing sales data from shop's POS, integration with automatic journal and payment systems.
Spa Management System Reservation management, sales registration, payment processing, customer/room lookup feature.
Sales Force Automation System (SFA) Customer management, response history control, actual usage monitoring, case register management, case progress coordination, automatic case discovery function, to-do list control, schedule management, sales persons reports (on daily work), quotations management, automatic link with other sales systems.
Guest Service Management System Room status indicator, guest information reference, guest services and housekeeping duties management, courier delivery payments, mini-bar use records, room equipment issues management, integration with customer information system.
Loupe BI (Data Analysis System) Mobile dashboard with instant access to various reports based on the reservations on-the-books data, fast and convenient revenue representation by distribution channel,rooms occupancy rate and ADR progress tables, booking pace and order lead time, forecasting features, supports hotel chains and groups.
Guest Surveys Analysis Data browsing, negative-positive automatic judgment function, frequency analysis by quality, correlation analysis, words monitoring and aggregation in chronological order.
E-concierge (Online Booking Engine) Reservation and room availability management, room rate plan settings, smartphones and mobile phones support, corporate capabilities, integration with channel managers and OTA, multi-language support, credit card payments.
External Booking Systems Interfaces Channel manager, OTA and internet booking agencies online interconnection.
Peripheral Device Interfaces Integration with third-party devices and equipment (e.g. CTI systems and PBX, restaurants and shops POS, Self-Service machines, CATV/VOD appliances, electronic locks, key cards, system refrigerators etc.)

Administration Systems

Accounts Receivable 
Management System
Accounts receivable balance for each individual/company, balance management for each coupon or credit issuer company, billing invoices and payments management, accounts receivable automatic comparison (optional).
Materials Control System PO/shipping requests, order/delivery management, goods issuing, cross-divisional stock rotation, warehouse/division inventory monitoring, approval management, invoice issue.
Online Ordering Option Purchase order handling in a web environment (order placing, delivery/return invoice amount, competitive bidding).
Food and Beverage Cost Control System (FBC) Cost control for each kitchen/menu item/ingredient, ideal use amount calculation, ideal cost price management, internal use items management.
Retail Store Inventory
 Management System
Items delivery/transfer register, inventory count register, ordering operations (automatic e-mail/fax by interfacing with materials management system)
Payments Management System Invoices management, PO/delivery/banquet services billing management, due date settings for accounts payable and outstanding payments, bank transfers processing.
Automatic Journal System Automatic generation of general ledger data for each department, journal accounts settings and error management.
Financial Accounting System Transfer slips processing, new/correction records registration, general ledger, creation of profit and loss (PL), balance sheets (BS) and cost of goods sold (COGS) statements.
Management Accounting System Balance/budget aggregate calculations, cost allocation processing, cost allocation patterns settings, USALI standardized reports generation.
Management Support System Visual representation of analytical data, custom analysis documents creation from Excel forms:
Sales Analysis tools - promotion planning, revenue, forecast and daily performance for accommodation/banquets/restaurant departments, both individual or group travelers trends;
Accounting Analysis tools - profit and loss statements for each division, payroll analysis, break-even point analysis, Z-chart, budget simulation.