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We provide complete IT solutions
which address your unique business needs

Support of every service offered in hotel environment

Hospitality industry creates environments for various activities like lodging, dining, leisure, weddings and parties, which also play an important social role in urbanization processes and resorts development. In modern fast-paced world with economic changes and lifestyle diversification, hoteliers have to respond quickly to constantly emerging challenges. That is why the reliable and established IT solution supporting these ever-changing environments becomes a necessary requirement. We at TAP offer our extensive expertise by providing consulting services and IT solutions based on our vast experience with Japanese hospitality industry. We help you to comprehend your performance with current situation analysis, marketing strategy and other indispensable aspects of property management. By taking into consideration unique local requirements, surrounding environment and business needs, we empower you to leverage your managerial skills no matter how diverse and segmented your enterprise is. This is how TAP's multiple know-hows, integrated into one complete IT solution, provide broad support for every area of hotel management.

Best management practices are the foundation for hospitality IT solutions

Since it was established in 1985 TAP Company has been providing numerous systems with rich functionality, essential for hotels and resorts. We have proven records of well-known hotels located throughout Japan choosing our services, not only because of the way we design and develop our products, but also because we provide strong support for property business administration and operations consulting services. We have been able to build up trustful relationships with our clients, who value our hospitality industry knowledge,versatile implementation experience and reliable customer support. Successfully working for many years with globally renown top level Japanese hospitality standards we are fully prepared to venture overseas markets. We offer not just software systems, but a complete one-stop solution which includes various IT systems and hardware integration services, covering every aspect of hotel operations, accounting and business administration to automate processes and reduce operating costs; sales and analytic tools for revenue management and marketing strategy; in-depth customization for your business needs; optional cloud and hosting services. We also provide full guidance, implementation, maintenance and customer support with our industry experience and know-hows to bring an added value to your business.