Corporate Info

Tap is a software solutions provider specializing in the hospitality industry.
Since our founding in 1987, we have developed and commercialized a number of systems necessary for daily hotel operations, offering a multi-functional and comprehensive all-in-one platform.

There are many well-known hotels amongst our valued clients, who we support not only by developing and implementing Property Management Systems, but also by providing management and operations consulting services.

Company name
Tap Co., Ltd.
March 1, 1985
80 million yen
Key Executives
  • Representative Director, Chairman, President and CEO: Etsuo Hayashi
  • Representative Executive Director: Ryoichi Yoshida
    (General Manager, Business Administration Division)
  • Executive Director: Jun Sugihara
    (General Manager, Sales Division)
  • Executive Director: Tatsuya Matsuhisa
    (General Manager, Customer Service Division)
  • Director: Yoshiteru Shimizu
    (General Manager, Institute of Hospitality Service Engineering)
  • Director CTO: Takeshi Hayashi
    (Chairman, New Product Planning Committee)
Number of Employees
292  (As of April 2024, including full-time officers) Group Employees:372
Business Line
  • Consulting for hotels / resorts / ryokans
  • Sales of Tap Property Management Systems, solutions development for hotels, resorts and inns
  • Hospitality service engineering
  • Providing software via ASP method (cloud method) and server operation/maintenance
  • Tap systems maintenance
  • Outsourcing
Business Overview

Tap specializes in development/implementation of solutions for the hospitality industry, and is currently deployed in over 1,600 facilities.
We provide an all-in-one platform that includes a Front Office system, Banquet system, Point of Sales system, Accounts Receivable Management system, Customer Relationship Management system, etc., to meet the needs of the industry.

By offering a comprehensive ecosystem incorporating the know-how accumulated from our extensive experience, we can not only streamline and increase efficiency, but also improve operations and management performance.

Tap’s Philosophy

New ideas. New methods. With passion.
By pioneering new paths, Tap creates limitless opportunities.

  • Gent Co., Ltd.
    (Japanese language school management, leasing business, etc.)
    (Development, sales, implementation and maintenance of information systems for accommodation facilities)
  • Dalian PROCX Software Co.,Ltd.
    (Software development, etc.)
Key Clients
  • APA Hotels & Resorts
  • Okura Hotels & Resorts (Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay, etc.)
  • Oriental Hotels OKINAWA Resort & Spa
  • Ginsuiso
  • Ken Hotels & Resorts Holdings Ltd.
  • Kobe Portopia Hotel
  • The Terrace Hotels
  • JR Hokkaido Hotels (JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo, etc.)
  • Tokyu Resorts & Stays (Tokyu Harvest Club, Tokyu Stay, etc.)
  • Naqua Hotels & Resorts (Epinard Nasu, etc.)
  • Tsukada Global Holdings (The Strings Hotel Nagoya, etc.)
  • Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd. (Hoshinoya Karuizawa etc.)
  • Hotel Nikko Alivila
  • Hotel New Grand
  • Mystays Hotel Management
  • Resorttrust

(Japanese syllabary order)

  • Head Office
    1F, Manulife Place Toyocho, 2-2-4 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0016
    Phone: 81-3-5683-5311 Fax: 81-3-5683-5310
  • Tap Hospitality Lab Okinawa
    14-27 Susaki, Uruma City, Okinawa, 904-2234,
    Phone: 81-98-901-6383 Fax: 81-98-937-5895
  • Institute of Hospitality Service Engineering at University of the Ryukyus
    Research Center for Community Innovation and Revitalization 302,
    1 Senbaru, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, 903-0213
    Phone: 81-98-895-1656